Creating a happier environment for employees and customers alike.


Illumination levels significantly affect human performance and attention.

Research shows that people take less time to carry out tasks.

Further, the full spectrum rays of natural sunlight reduce the occurrence of headaches and eyestrean while improving visibility and worker safety.

In addition, daylighting improves employee moods, which directly increases motivation and workplace satisfaction and reduces absenteeism.


There are several major advantages that result from the use of daylighting design techniques in retail buildings, including increased sales and a greater customer loyalty.

Also, employee performance and moral will improve.

Finally, using daylighting systems will eliminate flickering and enhance visibility and color differentiation.



Daylighting in corporate offices has many benefits. At first, productivity increases because people enjoy a superior lighting and a greater comfort.

By implementing active daylighting systems, a healthier indoor environment will be created and utility bills will lower.

Health care

Natural sunlight helps patients recover faster, with less pain and it provides them a better qualtiy of stay.

Not only does natural light aid recovery from physical and psychological illnesses, it also prevents many ilnesses and diseases as well.

In addition, staff who works in health care facilities need the best lighting conditions to perform their work-related tasks well.



Studies have shown that natural ligth improves students' test scores, while promoting better health and physical development.


Also, daylighting affect students' attention during classes.

Public sector

When the public good is the priority, it is important to reduce overhead costs so more resources can be spent on the larger community.

About 40% of energy consumption in commercial buildings is used for electric lighting.

Proper daylight can drastically reduce our dependence on electricity both by allowing building occupants to turn electric ligths off during the day and by minimizing heat gain and heat loss. 

Natural ligth has been proven to enhance the moods of people inside of a building. Plus, a more pleasant and positive environment leads to more productive work.

Private sector

Why not implementing SunTrackers in private households?


Our active daylighting systems contributes to a great atmosphere at home.