Ciralight Europe presents the SunTracker, an unique and active daylighting system

Healthy and abundant daylight, for free!

Ciralight SunTrackers combine solar power and GPS technology to actively reflect natural ligth from a set of mirrors into a building and creates healthy, free and abundant light indoors.


The intelligent GPS technology makes Ciralight Europe superior in every category.

Ciralight SunTrackers require less roof area, provide more light for longer hours with superior thermal comfort and the shortest payback period.

Lighting the future, naturally!

Simplicity and efficiency set Ciralight SunTrackers apart from the competition when it comes to daylighting.


The entire system, top to bottom, is covered for 10 years under Ciralight's Manufacturers Warranty.

Plus it has surpassed the 'longevity before failure' goals of a 30 year life cycle test.